The Art of Teasing Women

Teasing can be a highly effective form of flirting when wielded skillfully. A great technique for using teasing (for the sake of flirting) can be had by intentionally misinterpreting what your date/pickup has done or said in a way which is playful, funny or challenging.

tease (tz) v. teased, teas·ing, teas·es 1. To vex. 2. To make fun of; mock playfully. 3. To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction.

A technique that I like to use, that comes up often and easily, is to misinterpret her personality and frame it in a way which is silly, humorous or even mock-embarrassing. Make her want to punch you in the arm (while she is giggle of course).

Be witty. Don't be insulting. Be a bit of a smart ass. Be sure that you have a good read on your target & always be sure to deliver a tease with a playful tone in your voice and a smile. The difference between saying something that will offend her and saying something that will make her giggle, is nearly entirely in how you say it.

Teasing a girl can increase her attraction towards you. It can help to create a fun, emotionally stimulating and challenging interaction while at the same time as it will demonstrates that you are a confident man of high status with a good sense of humor (men of low status wouldn't dare to make fun of a girl, they would be too afraid of offending her - which would mean rejection - high status men don't care about rejection).

Guys, remember, teasing is light, fun, playful and good-natured. The girl who you are teasing should be enjoying herself. She should be enjoying the emotions that you are provoking within her. If you are teasing her too harshly and making her feel bad or lowering her self esteem, then be warned, that she may soon turn against you and view you as a jerk instead of a flirtatious interaction.

You can also use teasing to break rapport and spice up a dull conversation. In the early stages of an interaction there are few things which are more dull then two people exchanging resumes (asking the usual generic questions of each-other, what do you do for a living, what are your hobbies). While this is fine later on into the interaction, the early stages of an approach/date should be geared around flirting and building attraction levels. You have forever to learn about each-other, but you only have a small window to attract her.

I personally like to toggle between comfort and attraction. You can't tease her on and on without reprieve or even good natured teasing will eventually make her wonder if you even like her at all. You must pepper your teasing routines whilst getting to know her and whilst running qualification and giving her compliments when deserved. When I start building comfort and rapport with a girl, I like to play the role of the coquette, and I will frequently tease and challenge a girl even when after I have already built a good amount of attraction. My goal is rarely if ever sex, so I prefer to play with her like dangling a string in-front of a cat. My greatest satisfaction comes from when she starts chasing after me, but you don't need to tease her after you have already built up a good amount of attraction, you can transition to comfort and rapport, and seduction if you wish.

Examples of Teasing

Here are some example lines that you can use or incorporate into your own personal flirting style. These are examples of how to tease a girl.

  • Call her dude.Call her dude, when you're making a point and she's arguing with you. Say, Dude... listen, (and then your point). I like this one a lot because it challenges her self appointed feminine prowess (over you and all males) and drops her in smack in the neighborhood of just one of the guys (the goal is to make her wonder if she has failed to attract you, or just using an expression, this creates tension). She should wonder: does he really just see me as one of the guys, or is that just how he talks? Generally I have found that calling a girl dude annoys her a little - but in a cute way that you can tease her about. This is a sneaky way to take her down a notch without actually insulting at all (directly). You're basically tell her; that her feminine powers are useless against you, and that she's going to have to work with her personality to capture your interest. This also helps you to convey a high status.

  • Tell her she's is complicated.When she starts talking about herself and tries explaining something about herself that she has trouble expressing, or that contradicts something which she previously said (and she realizes it) basically whenever she trips over her own words or puts her foot in her mouth, just tell her (in a mock-reassuring way); "That's OK, I get it... you're complicatedThis line is great because as the conversation progresses and she steps on her own feet again, you can repeat this tease by saying something like, "Uh-huh, as I said; complicated". It's a great way to tease her and believe me, she will be enjoying the extra attention that you are paying to her personality quirks.

  • Accuse her of using girl logic.Girls are primarily motivated by what feels emotionally correct. Men are guided by what makes sense rationally. By logic. When she says something which defies conventional logic (but makes sense to her and she is convinced that she's right about it) - tell her, "Yep, that sounds like girl logic to me".

  • Use double negatives. This is a good way of telling her that you like her, without giving too much approval all at once, or giving her a compliment, without boosting her ego so much that it breaks the flirty tension. You can say something like; I don't hate you at all. or I missed you a tiny little bit. Combine with an understated compliment like, of all the girls in the world, you're certainly not the un-smartest girl that I have ever met.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, feel free to leave some comments and suggest some teases of your own in the comments.